Rich Buyer

is my real name.

My background is as diverse as is my work. I'm passionate about my photography and while New York City is a constant inspiration and source of all things unexpected, cars (pre-1970) and their unique design details comprise a huge portion of what I shoot. My photos comprise artwork in many client sites and the mindset behind the lens is “I see it…I like it…I shoot it”.

I'm a former fitness professional, most notably at Canyon Ranch in the Berkshires, as well as a robust clientele throughout Manhattan and the Hamptons. Certifications included American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM), the American Council on Exercise (ACE), International Dance Exercise Association (IDEA).

I've been fortunate enough to share my quirky and insightful observations throughout the Manhattan comedy circuit, including Caroline’s, Stand Up New York and New York Comedy Club.

I served on the staff at Fordham University as an adjunct professor and was a creative consultant for Saatchi & Saatchi, McCann Erikson and Pace Advertising.

With a story conceived from years of business networking, I co-wrote and co-produced a romantic comedy feature film called The Networker. The Networker premiered May 17, 2015, to dual sold-out screenings at the Soho International Film Festival and was released into distribution in September of 2017, available, among other places, on Amazon Prime, the iTunes Store & Google Play.

My thoughts of that effort are, "I produced a movie into distribution.  I know how to get shit done!".

My Books

Marge's recalled by Chiamschmerril

My mom had a Yiddish word or expression for everything!

Her speech was the first faculty she lost during her time with Alzheimer's/Dementia.

I realized that if I didn't start to get these down, they would be lost when I 'graduated'.

What started as a list on my phone has resulted in Marge's Yiddish.

Phonetic depictions accompany each word and my years as a street photographer provides unique interpretations into a language that has fewer adherents by the day.

This is in no way a definitive anything...just the Yiddish as I remembered it.

By the way, I never heard Marge refer to anyone else but me as 'Chiamschmerril'.  I'm sure it was meant along the lines of 'snot-nose'...'let's go, Chiamschmerril! – I always rolled my eyes when she said it.

I was recently introduced to as perfect a descriptor as I've heard - a pejorative term of endearment.

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Buyer's Book of Business Branding

Join me for a fun look at the world of branding from the perspective of 'next generation' business owners.


You know...the kids taking over from the parents or even the third generation moving up.  Or even someone coming in, buying the business and then what?

Do we change the branding and risk losing clients or re-brand and look to exploit new markets...?

Be a part of the conversation, apply a bit of Buyer's Brand-Aid and stand apart from the masses!

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(Yes...this is shameless self-promotion!)